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SD49 Democrats Convention




The 2018 Senate District 49 Democrats convention will be held on Saturday, March 10.  Registration will start at 8:00, and the convention will convene at 9:00.


There is much to be accomplished at the convention, which probably will extend well into the afternoon.




The convention locale is the Valley View Middle School, 6750 Valley View Road, Edina. [Click here for a map.]


Who can attend?


The convention is open to the public.  To be seated as a delegate, you must have been elected as a delegate at your precinct caucus, or you must have been elected as an alternate.  If some delegates from a precinct do not attend, alternates from that precinct will be seated as delegates in the order in which they were elected.  Persons who are not delegates will be seated in a special area of the auditorium; they are allowed to observe the convention proceedings, but may not participate.


Convention documents


All convention documents will be posted here as soon as they become available.  Click on the document name to view a PDF or a Word document.

  • Proposed Convention Agenda    (Posted February 13)
  • Proposed Convention Rules    (Not yet posted)
  • Nomination Form for State Central Committee   (Not yet posted)




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