Senate District 49 Democrats

Bloomington - Eden Prairie - Edina - Minnetonka

Office: 7001 Cahill Road, Suite 21, Edina [Map]
Mail: PO Box 24073, Edina, MN 55424

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The SD49 Democrats work hard to improve our communities, our state, and our nation.  Here are some principles that we support.


Affordable Health Care for All

Protecting the future of America means providing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. We must find a solution that is effective in controlling the costs, maximizes quality patient care, and provides meaningful competition for healthcare services.


Affordable Housing for Youth & Seniors

We believe that our seniors should not be forced out of our community due to rising costs unsupportable on a fixed income and that our youth should have the opportunity to live and raise families in our district. We support policies that provide opportunities for seniors and youth to live in our communities.


Public Education for All

A vigorous and universally available system of public education is basic to a productive democratic society. Therefore we support a strong system of public education at all levels, with stable funding and equal educational opportunities. This includes a high quality, well-funded pre-kindergarten and post-secondary education, affordable for everyone.


Campaign Finance Reform

We support overturning of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and re-imposing a ban on corporate expenditures intended to influence elections. We also support requiring all political action committees [PACs] and other groups, including non-profits, who engage in political spending to fully disclose all of their donors and fully report all of their political spending on a timely and effective basis.


Opportunity and Fairness for Workers

We support removing barriers to economic opportunities for American workers and small businesses by supporting programs to help workers gain job skills that will make them become more competitive and improve their wages and benefits. This would include on the job training, internships and apprenticeships in private business and state government. We support allowing union organizing and bargaining as well as supporting pay equity for women and other economically disadvantaged workers. In addition, we support fair wages for all workers.


Protection of the Environment

We believe that the protection of the environment is a mandatory obligation and universal right. We therefore pledge our support to all laws and regulations which contribute to that protection including but not limited to reduction of the carbon footprint, support of sustainable energy resources and jobs, protection of clean water, soil conservation, and protection of natural landscapes and wildlife.


Reasonable and Progressive Taxation

We believe that government taxation shall achieve positive benefits to the community consistent with economic growth, conservation of resources, and full employment. To promote equality, income taxes shall be progressive. Taxation shall be consistent with policies that provide secure and dignified retirement, trade policies that are beneficial to workers and provide relief from excessive student debt.


Common Sense Firearm Laws

We support the passage of laws that require universal and stringent background checks of all gun buyers including private-transaction and gun show buyers. We also support the passage of laws banning sale or possession of military type assault weapons.


Multi-Modal Transportation

We believe all residents and businesses should have access to efficient and affordable transportation options. Policies shall include the improvement and maintenance of roads and bridges. In addition to plans for vehicle traffic improvement, policies shall incorporate provisions for sustainable public transportation, including mass transit, commuter rail, light rail, and buses. Infrastructure planning shall include viable options for pedestrians and bicycles and other non-motorized options.


Support of a Woman's Right to Choose

We believe in and support a woman’s right to choose as a fundamental right. We therefore support all current pro-choice laws and will back any future legislation which supports unquestionably this fundamental right.


Promotion of Racial, Human, and Civil Rights

We believe that the rights of all Americans should be protected regardless of gender or gender identity, age, religion, economic and employment status, racial, cultural or ethnic identity, national origin, color, sexual orientation, family status, or disability.


Internet Rights and Privacy

To promote freedom of expression and opinion, we support efforts to provide universal broadband Internet to all citizens. To protect Internet users’ privacy, we also support: (1) vigorous prosecution of cyber criminals and (2) restoration of the requirement that Internet service providers (ISPs) ask permission before sharing a user's private information. Finally, we support free and open access to the Internet with the restoration of net neutrality.