About the SD49 Democrats


Thanks for visiting our website!   Here is some information about our district and the Senate District 49 Democrats.


Minnesota is divided into 67 Senate districts, each of which contains 2 House of Representatives districts (134 in all).  Each Senate district elects one state senator, and each House district elects one state representative.

Senate District 49 (SD49) comprises the western part of Bloomington, the northeast corner of Eden Prairie, all of Edina, and the southeast corner of Minnetonka.  House District 49A (HD49A) includes roughly the northern two-thirds of Edina, while House District 49B (HD49B) includes the rest of SD49.  


The links below are for maps produced by the Minnesota legislature’s Geographical Information Services (GIS).

To determine your voting precinct, click here and enter your address into the search bar on the left side of the map.

Senate District 49

District Map

House District 49A

District Map

House District 49B

District Map


We are very proud of the great progress that we have made in recent years, culminating to a historic win for Democrats in 2018.

Our area was a Republican fortress for generations.  However, in 2012 our years of effort paid off, and SD49 elected three Democrats to the Minnesota Legislature:  Senator Melisa Franzen (SD49), Representative Ron Erhardt (HD49A), and Representative Paul Rosenthal (HD49B).  Tragically Ron lost narrowly in 2016, but within one cycle, we took back HD49A with the election of Heather Edelson. You can find links to all of our legislators’ websites on the Our Legislators page.

Replacing Republican legislators with Democrats in a district like ours was a historic achievement.  Let’s do it again in 2020!


We work hard to elect Democrats–and we have fun doing it!

We have three big social events during the year.  In May, shortly after the end of the legislative session, we have our famous Spring Fling.  This fundraiser always features a celebrity or public official.  It’s a great way to enjoy an evening with your Democratic friends and neighbors–and to get ready for summer. 

In July we have our annual picnic.  This is a family-oriented get-together with everything from hot dogs to live music to public officials. 

In the fall we have our Fall Fest.  This fundraiser also features a celebrity or public official.  It’s a great way to enjoy an evening with your Democratic friends and neighbors–and to get ready for the Minnesota winter!

On top of our annual events, we support local Democratic candidates, participate in annual parades, and host events in the community.

We do our work exclusively with volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch!  Click on the Get Involved button.

Individuals in our communities contribute almost all of our funding.  If you would like to contribute, we have made it easy for you!  Click on the Contribute button.

We care deeply about our communities, our state, and our nation.  For a list of principles that illustrate some of our concerns, click here.


We maintain a permanent office.  We use it year-round, but it is only open every day during the campaign season.  The address and a map can be found at the top of the Home page.

We have had a permanent office since 2006, but we only moved into our current office at the end of 2016.  You can see photos of our old office here.

We allow other groups to use our office, provided that certain conditions are met.  To read the policy governing use of the office, click here.


The best way to get in touch with us is to click on the Get Involved button.  We’d like to hear from you!


The SD49 Democrats group is officially a unit of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, or DFL for short.  (We call our group SD49 Democrats rather than SD49 DFL, because lots of folks don’t recognize the DFL initials.)

The DFL has a large number of local party units corresponding to a wide variety of election districts.  Some, like the SD49 Democrats, correspond to senate districts.  In addition there are, or have been in the past, party units for congressional districts, counties, house districts, and even a few precincts.

You can view our Constitution here.  Our official responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting and endorsing candidates for the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives from our district.
  • Holding caucuses and a convention in even-numbered years to endorse candidates.
  • Holding a convention in odd-numbered years to select officers and directors of the SD49 Democrats.